dijous, 10 d’octubre de 2013

Hem triat, i crec que hem triat malament

Autor: Gilbert Keith Chesterton (Londres, 29 de maig de 1874 - Buckingham, 14 de juny de 1936), escriptor anglès.

Font: The common man (1950). El hombre corriente. Editorial Renacimiento / Ediciones Espuela de Plata, Col. Clásicos y Modernos, núm. 12. Traducció: Abelardo Linares. Vist a "El progrés segons Chesterton", de Marina Porras.

Original: We have chosen, and I think we have chosen wrong. [EN]

Context: And if men have never doubted that there should be a decorum in such things, neither have they ever doubted that that decorum might be carried much too far; that courage and laughter and wholesome truth might be sacrificed to the proprieties. So far, I say, humanity is essentially unanimous.  It is in the discussion as to which thing shall be suppressed and which permitted, in the selection of the more harmless from the more harmful types of candour, that we begin to find the difference between different civilisations and different religions among men. And it is exactly upon the point of such a difference as this that I wish to speak here.  Among other societies and ages our own society and age has made a choice in this matter. We have said, substantially by a general feeling, that one kind of expression shall be allowed and another rendered impossible. We have chosen, and I think we have chosen wrong.